About us

Our team consists of five highly motivated individuals from varied fields of expertise who have assembled to save the world.

But instead of The Avengers, it’s Bowen Partners.

Collectively, we have hands-on experience in direct private equity investment, conducting due diligence on companies and businesses, and executing several business ideas as entrepreneurs.

So while going around the world (mainly the areas closer to home i.e. South East Asia) whooping bad guys, we also keep an eye out for good ideas worth investing in. Combining the auditing, consulting as well as advisory expertise of the team, we look to add value to our clients’ investing experience by providing them with what we have found to be some of the best-in-class ideas for their consideration, which will also help hasten the search process for those who are eager to deploy capital.

Given our diverse backgrounds, we are able to make judgments from various perspectives: as an investor, an entrepreneur as well as an independent third party. We serve investors who are interested and are looking to explore this region of blooming opportunities, and look forward to playing our part in the Asian venture capital markets.